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Dates and facts

Triops mauritanicus (GHGI, 1921), is a seperate species again.
In 1921 it had first been classified as a seperate species, before 1955 LONG HURST decreased the status, calling it a subspecies of Triops cancriformis. 2006 KORN gave the status back after extensive investigations.
Triops mauritanicus looks similar to T.cancriformis, it differs only in very small features. It has a slightly wider body and two spikes/thorns on the end of the tail.
Triops mauritanicus appears in the south and southwest of the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa. In 2006 Triops mauritanicus simplex had been declared to be a subspecies, but is already outdated. Triops simplex has since 2010 also a status as a separate species, the only subspecies is now Triops mauritanicus mauritanicus.


Korn et al. 2010: Phylogeny, molecular ecology and taxonomy of southern Iberian lineages of Triops mauritanicus