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Dates & Facts

Triops newberryi: About two weeks oldTriops newberryi is, in addition to Triops longicaudatus the second genus living on the american continent. This Triops is only to be found at the westcoast of north america; In South America it is not to be found at all. Triops newberryi is probably named after the californian town Newberry Springs, where it was found and described by PACKARD in 1871.
Geographic rangeTriops newberryi is rarely available in trade. Therefore there are little photos of it. The Primeval-Shrimps.com-Team is currently working at a breeding of this genus; so hopefully a few pictures can be published soon. So far it is only known, that Triops newberryi looks very similar to Triops longicaudatus, but has a kind of „tabby“ Pattern on his carapace. Further Details will follow.

Guesses and rumors

Probably Triops newberryi and Triops granarius were crossbreeding millionyears ago,when granarius was still found in America. So the Triops longicaudatus was born, which has now surpassed Triops newberryi in population and distribution by far.